This is what happens when white guys listen to Indian music

holy shit

whenever I’m feeling sad I just watch this video.



We live in a society that glorifies sexual assault to a degree that when I was a teenager I asked myself whether something was wrong with me for not being groped in the streets. The pride with which my classmates spoke of how apparently every random male hit on them made me wonder whether I was just too ugly to be desired. Something is rotten when harassment becomes the means young girls are taught to determine their self-worth with.

[I]magine what would happen if, instead of centering our beliefs about heterosexual sex around the idea that the man “penetrates” the woman, we were to say that the woman’s vagina “consumes” the man’s penis. This would create a very different set of connotations, as the woman would become the active initiator and the man would be the passive and receptive party. One can easily see how this could lead to men and masculinity being seen as dependent on, and existing for the benefit of, femaleness and femininity. Similarly, if we thought about the feminine traits of being verbally effusive and emotive not as signs of insecurity or dependence, but as bold acts of self-expression, then the masculine ideal of the “strong and silent” type might suddenly seem timid and insecure by comparison.
Julia Serano, Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity (“Putting the Feminine Back into Feminism,” pg 329)


I can’t stop thinking about them! It seems like an addiction I think, the way you only have to ride a few times before you think that’s all you need. I adore Hailey’s horses and she’s such a source of information when it comes to her ponies.

Though only three are allowed to be ridden, she has five. Though I’ve ridden on all three, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one is my favorite since each has their own temperament and attitude, their own personality.

My favorite ride was when I first rode Molly. She’s small and her back only comes up to (about) my chest, but she has the energy of a race horse. She’s nutty and sometimes has to be driven in circles to get her under control. Hailey and I continue practice with her though and I never ride her outside of the paddock.

When Hailey had me ride Molly for the first time, we started bareback. I had to learn how to move my hips with the horse, understand the muscles that were moving beneath me. It was amazing, just the instant grounding you get when you can feel the machine beneath you. I rode a little more with and english saddle but it didn’t compare to bareback.

Riding a horse is all about give and take, feeling the horse beneath you and understand that you do not command it, you are not the one in charge. You have to give up control in order to ride and it’s very therapeutic.

Let’s not forget about the chores on the farm! Taking care of the horses, goats, and chickens is also quite a bit of fun. I know I’ve built up a ton of upper body strength just from lifting doors and carrying hay bails!

There was frost on the boardwalk this morning and on the grass by the lake. And the rooftops. But this weekend is supposed to be somewhat warm so I’m not too worried. 

All in all, feeling better after having a stomach bug, a few people had it at school as well.

One day while I was absent, Maeghan and Hailey stopped by after school to drop off my school work and pay me a visit, Though most of their time was used up talking to Kim and Emmy (I still don’t know how to get them to stop talking…) I got to puppy pile with the girls in the living room

Maeghan gave me some good advice.

"Do you remember last year? When you were doing yoga almost every day? You were the healthiest I’ve ever seen you, You had color in your face and your eyes were bright. You had all this energy and you did all of your work.” I gave her a small look like I knew what she was going to say. But I guess I needed to hear it from her. “You need to do yoga again. It’s not just the philosophy you should be studying, but the poses too. Get back into and I guarantee you will be feeling better.”

I did some gentle flow after they left and slept better than I have been in a while. Honestly, I couldn’t imagine having more watchful friends, ones that are observant and caring. Not to mention intuitive.